What is the principle of mosquito lamp?


First of all, the principle of mosquito killer is that mosquitoes like temperature, light, air flow and clustering.

The mosquito killer is developed according to the habits of mosquitoes.

First, mosquitoes are attracted by releasing light beam chemicals, so they can die from electrostatic shocks without adding any chemicals.

In addition, it also has its own air flow fan, which can absorb mosquitoes and kill them.

This is a relatively environmentally friendly method to kill mosquitoes.

Second, the mosquito killer in the purchase should pay attention to check whether the workmanship of the mosquito killer is fine, whether the gap between the grids is uniform and reasonable.

If possible, you'd better try this machine.

After the lamp is on, insert a screwdriver into the mesh of the protective net to have a try.

If there is a "bang bang" sound of running water, it means that the mosquito killer works normally.

Then try to see if the key of the switch is normal.

If the sound is crisp and elastic, the quality is better.

Then check whether there are scratches or damages inside and outside the mosquito killer.

If you don't buy those with cracks, the service life will be affected.

3、 The mosquito killer should be placed at a relatively high position to achieve good killing effect, but also safer for families with children.

In addition, it is also necessary to regularly clean the dust, mosquito and fly debris on the mosquito killer, and pay attention not to splash water during the cleaning process.

Finally, it should be avoided to hit the electronic mosquito killer directly by strong light.

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