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Cleaning Brushes/Cloth

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of cleaning brushes/cloths in China.Cleaning Brushes/Cloth is used for cleaning your home and keeping your home spotless.

Cleaning Brushes can easily clean hard to reach & difficult areas. Interchangeable brushes included for a variety of cleaning tasks. Comfortable handle with non-slip grip for a secure hold. Portable & light weight for easy cleaning anywhere. We have 6 brush heads for you choose. Each head can be used in different area, such as KitchenWashing room/Floor and other place.

Cleaning Cloth will be a good partner for your cleaning in your life. Use Cleaning Cloth on everything from vehicles to household uses, such as floors, counter tops, appliances, furniture, cabinets, wood trim and windows. For washing, use absorbent cleaning cloth with soap to clean the car, truck, boat, RV and household uses. For drying, pull the damp absorbent cleaning cloth in one direction for "streak free" effect and it will absorb the water. For vehicles, go over it with a dry absorbent cleaning cloth on the stain, and pressure, then wring out. Do this until stain is gone..

Cleaning Cloths will become your favorite tool for virtually all cleaning tasks. In the garage they’re perfect for washing and detailing cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and RVs. Inside the house, you can use them to clean kitchens, bathrooms, floors and TVs to a brilliant shine. No matter if you’re cleaning up a spill, detailing your ride to a showroom shine or restoring the sparkle to your kitchen, our Cleaning Cloths are always up for the job. Saves Money -Cleaning Cloths are machine washable and can be re-used hundreds of times. They're also super absorbent and soak up 8 times their weight in water--drastically reducing your paper towel usage. 

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